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Latest Public Sites:
Infinity Speaks NFT Minting on the Cardano blockchain - VR Meditation App where consciousness meets technology (PHP and MySQL).
Ashland To-Go Takeout, Curbside & Deliveries in Ashland, Oregon (Bespoke PHP and SQLite3 programming).
Alistair Cran Business and Leadership Coaching. Manual rescue from GoDaddy Website Builder (no FTP) - now a concrete CMS site.
Sport Perfomance Exercise Clinic in New Zealand. Manually rescued from lost hosting details. concrete CMS conversion in progress.
Day of Love Meditation and Healing Resources. Rescued PHP 5 to PHP 7 upgrade concrete CMS and hosting.
Million Dollar Club Custom PHP and MySQL realtors Admin/Search - Site design by Confluence Internet Services Inc.
ClosetPlace New England home organization solutions - concrete CMS and hosting.
Sandy Garnett Studio Professional Painter and Sculptor - concrete5 5.6 (legacy) Custom Programming of Tony's Mailing list export to Mailchimp.
Travel 2 Egypt Egypt Tour & Travel Packages - concrete5 and custom PHP programming. Business Consulting, Research & Writing - concrete5 and custom PHP programming.
Jefferson Bees, Ashland Oregon More than a state of mind; it's a state of Beeing! Single page holder while building the site with concrete5.
City Lights Holiday Lighting & Decorating - Serving the Rogue Valley - concrete5 and custom PHP programming.
Plaza Salon and Spa Full service Hair Salon and Beauty Spa. Powered by the concrete5 and custom PHP programming.
So. Oregon Land Conservancy Non-Profit - Drupal CMS Consultant. *
NaBITA Custom Polling, Membership & Login System - No MySQL Required. *
Prize Shop Fancy Goods & Fine Furnishings ~ PHP/MySQL custom shopping cart/eCommerce 2005-2016. *
Montana Community Foundation Non-Profit - Site Search & Private Area Programming. *
KID Foundation/SPDNetwork Non-Profit - Petition, Contact and Endorsement online forms with Excel export. *
Standing Stone Brewing Co. PHP Calendar & Events - Custom programmed with no MySQL database required (Wayback) *
Amuse Restaurant Gift Certificates & Reservations Programming. *
Lithia Realty PHP & MySQL Custom Real Estate/Realtors Listing system (Wayback) *
4 Paws on 5th Ave. osCommerce based shopping cart & Custom PHP programming 2005-2011 (Wayback)
Village Shoes Custom PHP/MySQL shopping cart/eCommerce 2004 (PHP3) - 2016 (Wayback) *
Yoga Girl Gallery Yoga Inspired Artwork - Non-Profit - PHP/MySQL Coppermine CMS (Wayback)
Impulse Jewelry Miva Merchant Consulting. Beautifully handcrafted jewelry by Libby Edson (Wayback)
Southern Oregon ESD Educational Service District supporting K-12 schools for Jackson, Josephine and Klamath counties. Filemaker Pro databases converted to web-based PHP/MySQL applications, XML to HTML conversion of proprietary BlackBoard classes and a previously paper-only survey system.
Bathroom Reader's Institute New ENABLER driven (No database required!) (Wayback) *
Jon Turrell Construction Fine custom homebuilding in Ashland. (Wayback) *
Ashland Greenhouses Wholesale & Retail. Custom PHP/MySQL Local Plants Database & Content Management (Wayback). Picture *
Reliable Homes See New Homes. (Wayback) *
Roberta Broadie Real Estate Database Site - Dynamically driven. (Wayback) *
The Tea Service Dynamic e-Commerce (Wayback). Picture *
Century 21 Main Street Realty, Ashland. *
Hair City Full service hair salon - Previously ENABLER PRO driven, now concrete5 5.6 (legacy) & custom PHP programming.
Infinity Trading Corporation Premier Futures & Options Brokers (Wayback). concrete5 5.6 (legacy) & custom PHP programming. 1998 (PHP3) - 2019.
AHS 1981 Reunion Ashland High School Class of 1981 Reunion
Ridge Vineyards

First winery in California on the Net (1995)
Built custom Linux server, firewall, intranet w/Novell.

    * Site Design by Ruby Slipper Design
    * Site Design by/with Project A

Technical Editor - PHP Development Books

PHP4 Developer's Guide - Click for a larger picture.
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The PHP4 Developer's Guide is an advanced book focusing on PHP programming and applications, while PHP4 A Beginner's Guide is aimed at beginning programmers.

"Thanks to John Steele, the technical editor who provided me with meaningful comments and real-world information to create this book."

"John Steele found many technical errors and offered several valuable suggestions. With luck, few or no mistakes remain; however, any errors that do appear are the responsibility of the author, who should have made fewer slip-ups to begin with, rather than lazily expecting John to find them all."

It was a pleasure working with the people at Osborne McGraw-Hill, especially the authors Blake Schwendiman and William McCarty.

PHP 4: A Beginner's Guide - Click for a larger picture.
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Coming Soon:
Ashland Meadery   Ashland Granite Studios  
Miscellaneous Projects:
Southern Oregon News  

Freelancer's Qualifications

concrete5 Beginner's Guide

concrete5 Beginner's Guide - I was a Technical Reviewer of this concrete5 book from Packt Publishing.

Follow the creation of a sample site, through the installation, configuration and deployment of a concrete5 site. Use themes and add-ons to create a personalized site. Ideal introduction to using the concrete5 CMS.

Hackers and Painters by Paul Graham

Hackers and Painters : Big Ideas from the Computer Age by Paul Graham

We are living in the computer age, in a world increasingly designed and engineered by computer programmers and software designers, by people who call themselves hackers. Who are these people, what motivates them, and why should you care?

Read his essay Hackers and Painters derived from a guest lecture at Harvard in 2003

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