Software Links

Windows Development Downloads:
PHP Manual Microsoft CHM Format of the PHP Manual. Download here
MySQL-Front     A great database tool, 30 day free trial. Download here
Tortoise CVS Open Standard for Version Control. Download here
WinMerge Open Source visual text file comparison/merging. Download here
HTML-Kit Integrated HTML Editor and many online tools. Download here
NVU Complete Web Authoring System (also Linux/Mac). Download here
HTML Tidy Clean up your Web pages with this excellent tool. Download here
Tidy UI Windows GUI encapsulation of HTML Tidy. Download ZIP

NuSOAP WSDL Client/Server Example (Modified for PHP 5.3) Stock Quote (.zip)
Install the PHP manual search engine plugin (Firefox2+, IE7+) PHP Search Plugin
Regular Expression Cheat Sheet Regex Cheat Sheet

CodeIgniter 1.7: From Technology to Solutions
CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development: Improve your PHP coding productivity with the free compact open-source MVC CodeIgniter framework!

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